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with your Subconscious and Spirit Team Healing/Q&A 

Take advantage of this special price!  Prices subject to change without notice.
Summer/Fall Special Price                $80 online
                                                         $120 in person at my studio
                                                         $140 in person at your location (local area - within 30 minutes drive)

The first step is the pre-interview where we talk and decide if we are a good fit for each other.  You can then decide to fill out an intake form. 
The pre-interview is done on a different day from the session and helps you to prepare for the session). 
We begin your session with an interview to make sure you have given me the information needed to make your session the best it can be.
Next we refine and set the intention for your session and solidify your questions for you want to ask your subconscious.
Then comes the induction and the meat of the session.  In a spirit healing session, you are looking for the root cause of an issue.  That issue may be shown to you in the form of a life time that is not your own, but is deemed relevant by God/Spirit.  The person in the lifetime you are shown may be male or female, young or old, present time or past, or completely unrelated to time as you know it.  The person may also be from your ancestral line. This will be much like a dream or just a story that you are being told that helps get to the root of your issue in a way your mind can understand.  Seeing the lifetime and recognizing the root cause of the issue, then allows you to release/clear the issue in the present time, on an energetic level.
The next part of the session is the Q and A and spiritual healing portion with your Subconscious and your personally spiritual team.  This can be your angels, guardian angels, Archangels, Jesus, or any other beloved spiritual figure that you personally put your faith into.  This entire session is done in a light state of trance by relaxing your mind and allowing your subconscious to come forward.

After the session we will have a wrap up discussion.

You can also explore the following:
-Visit the Spirit Realm (this is just a glimpse of heaven mainly for peace in understanding your life after death)
-Specifically Looking for the Root of your Issue (wherever that may be)
-Specifically Looking for Purpose in Life
-Specifically Looking for the Answer to a Question/Problem in Life

  Pre-Session Interview
Up to 30 Minutes on a separate day before your session
Interview, Session, Post Talk
1-2 hours online
2-3 hours in person
Session Prep

  Additional time for all services at a rate of $80/hour $40/half-hour  


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