Preparing for Your
Life Exploration Session
If you find yourself to be more open minded about spiritual matters, going beyond organized religion, this information is for you
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After you decide to do a BQH session, you can to use the form to start formulating questions for your session.  You can write down your questions, and know that at the time of your session, your questions may be revised or added to, when we meet together.  From your questions, we will create an intention statement as part of the induction into your session.  If you are doing an online session you will need ear buds or a headset that has a microphone.  Also be aware that if you are using your phone, sometimes there are charging issues during the healing portion of this session (your battery may drain) or we may be disconnected on the internet.  It is ok to do video sessions on your cell phone, but computer sessions are a bit more reliable for connection and for seeing each other. 

Click the link above to access more information about BQH and sessions from the creator of BQH and other experts.



        Meditation on Twin Hearts 10 Minutes
Short and sweet. A good way to start your day. 
It is extremely breif!

If you've never meditated before, or if you want a good quick meditation that really teaches you how to meditate and activate your heart and crown chakras, these are great ones.  You can search the internet for different versions of this meditation and different lengths.

Below is my all time favorite twin hearts meditation.
This one vibes the best for me.  I have included a couple others that may be
more your style.  Try them all and see what you think.

Meditation on Twin Hearts abridged version from Pranic Healing Baton Rouge on Vimeo.

Meditation on Twin Hearts 18 Minutes
This meditation along with the other
twin hearts meditation on Vidmo,
have different parts that are emphasized
for learning how to meditate.
This one has good visualizations of the heart and
the crown chakras, does a good cleansing at the beginning.
   OTHER MEDITATIONS AND VISUALIZATIONS                                
A Short Meditation by Master Co. who does Pranic Healing and a good visualization meditation by the founder of BQH. I recommend looking up a variety of Master Co's videos (he has many lectures and meditations) and looking up videos about Beyond Quantum Healing.
Learning to meditate and visualize will help you to have a better BQH session.
If you want to skip all the twin hearts stuff,
this meditation is just point of light crown meditation.
I suggest becoming familiar with twin hearts first so
you know how to activate your crown, if you don't already.
The Creator of BQH does this video on YouTube
that is a good warm up visualization for before your session.

Don't eat too heavy but defiantly eat a meal or snack before the session.  If this is to be an in person session, bring a snack(s) with you in case you get hungry.
Don't eliminate all caffeine before a session, but do limit it. No recreational/street drugs or alcohol for 24 hours before the session please.

If you have to use the bathroom during a session or if I do, that is ok.  If I do, I will have you explore a scene in the place you are currently in the session or let you bask in a peaceful state.  If you need to use the restroom, I will assist you to the restroom if in person, you will come back and be set up to go even deeper when you return.  It will be similar to getting up in the middle of the night and then going back to bed.  If you are online, you just need to do what you normally do at home, at night. Because we are releasing things, one way that those things will be releases is by using the bathroom.  After doing the initial induction at the beginning of the session, I will use a shorter induction to make sure you are back under.  There is no problem with this kind of interruption, we can still continue your session.


If you have internet issues during the session and we get disconnected, we will simply reconnect and get right back into the session. If we can't use the internet for some reason, I will call you to continue our session. After doing the initial induction at the beginning of the session, I will use a shorter induction to make sure you are back under.  Again, there is no problem with this kind of interruption, we can still continue your session.


When you are in trance state for this session, you are going to have images and scenes just pop into your head.  Remember that, whatever the story you're being told or whatever images you are getting, no matter how silly or unbelievable they seem to you.... It is ok to tell me and to describe the scenes. There are no wrong answers or wrong things that you can say. Nothing you say will be looked down upon, nothing you can tell me will be an embarrassment for you... I am open to anything you are experiencing.  I am open to any emotions that you express. Just say what you see and feel secure in knowing that you are safe with me.

Immediately after the session
You need to make sure your schedule is cleared for at least several hours after the session, to give you time to process the experience.  Don't plan to work or to travel immediately after the session.
Follow up
After some time has passed, you are welcome to fill out the feedback form below.  I would love to know if you have had any positive changes after the session.  I hope that the session itself helped you to discover anything you wanted to know about and also if you are having any 3D medical issues, I hope that answers can be found to help you in the real world.  There are miracles that can happen in these sessions but I also believe in the merger of real world science and spirituality, and I pray for openings in answers in your everyday life, where there were none before. 

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only.
****BQH is not a substitute for medical advice and treatment****
You should always follow the advice of medical professionals.  I do not offer any medical advice.
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