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 Energy Clearing

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Spiritual Healing through God's Gift of Healing




 Summer Special Price 

Take advantage of these special prices! 
Prices subject to change without notice.
In Person                                                    
$45 in person at my studio
(up to 1 hour)
$65 in person at your location (up to 1 hour)
(Service area includes: Local SC Tri-county area, some Charlotte area - additional travel fees apply further away)
Remote Only
$40 remote/distance healing
(up to 1 hour)
In Person and Remote Combo

$55 combined in person at my studio/remote check in (up to 1 hour in person, up to 30 minutes remote)
$75 combined in person at your location (up to 1 hour in person, 30 minutes remote)
(Service area includes: Local SC Tri-county area, some Charlotte NC area - additional travel fees apply further away)
*travel must be no more that 30 minutes from my location without additional fees

I conduct an interview with you in person, on the phone, via text, or email.
-You tell me about the issues you are having:
-We can work on several areas on an energetic/soul level: physical, mental, and emotional issues.
-You telling me about the issues you are having allows me to formulate an energetic therapeutic plan: Holy Spirit and I start planning your energy clearing session before you arrive or before I look into you for remote work.

You can use the intake form below to write out your issues as well as providing a release form. This form can be submitted online or in person.   https://form.jotform.com/212746784574064

Before Any Type of Session
Before I start the session, I connect up to God and say a prayer asking Jesus Christ and Holy Sprit to assist me in the energy clearing session - I work primarily with Jesus Christ but may also call on Archangel Michael and my personal Guardian Angel, at times.  Also note that with all of the work that I do, I am just a conduit for the any healing energy from the universal love source of GOD to come through me, to you.  It is my belief and faith in my spiritual team and in the work that I do, that makes it successful. Your body and soul ultimately do the healing - all healing is self healing and from God.

In Person Energy Clearing Session

You can stand, sit, or lay down for the session. Laying down is the most relaxing for the majority of the session. Sometimes we may sit to work on certain issues.
In person, I scan your energy body and perform an energy clearing where needed on all major energy points as well as doing a general cleaning of your energetic body, which is your spiritual body. I work on specific areas and apply specific energy treatment based on the issues that we are working on. In addition, I may find blocks, cords, hooks, daggers, and other weapons sent to you from relationships/people. I remove these blocks and weapons and in the end release the healing to you by cutting our energy connection. 
I use a combination of Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Spiritual Healing (God's Gift of Healing), to clear your energy field of issues and the energetic part of illnesses.  I use my own method, via my minds eye during the session, to "see" things in your enteric spirit body and clear them out with my hands from your spiritual energetic body. I ask questions in my mind, to locate the emotions and feelings you have told me you have and sometimes I pick up on other thoughts, emotions, and feelings that you have not told me about.  I am directed by Holy Spirit to the place that the emotion/issue needs to be pulled out of and remove it.

Distance/Remote Energy Clearing Session
With Remote Energy clearing, I use and my own remote method, via my minds eye, to scan your energy bodies and to preform an energy clearing on your energetic spiritual body. This is a very thorough spiritual and energetic clearing.  I clear out your spiritual body one layer at a time and the major energetic centers in your spiritual body. I will remove any energetic weapons that I find sending them to God's light and Mother Earth.  Holy Spirit directs me throughout the session.

***In these remote sessions, I sometimes see your loved ones that have crossed over.  If I see them, they usually have a message for me to give to you.  This started happening to me many years ago now, althought it is not my intention to talk to anyone while doing energetic work, but sometimes they are insistent.  If you are open to a message from your loved one, please let me know.  I do have the gift of Discerning Spirits/Discernment.

Combined In Person/Remote Sessions
If you would like, I can check in on you remotely after our in person session.  Here I check to make sure there is nothing else that I need to clear up for you.  Sometimes things come up as a result of the initial treatment as you are releasing things immediately after the session we have.  This check in is done with in 24 hours of your in-person-appointment.

Additional time for all services at a rate of $80/hour $40/half-hour


Energy work can not replace allopathic medicine but rather can complement your traditional treatment.
****Energy Work is not a substitute for medical advice and treatment****
You should always follow the advice of medical professionals.  I do not offer any medical advice.
I am not a psychologist or counselor and I do not treat mental illness or offer personal medical advice or counseling.
Services on this site are not intended to be used to prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure any illness/disease.