Soul Alchemy 4 You

Your Story from
The Book of Life

  Take advantage of this special price!  Prices subject to change without notice.
Summer Special Price            
$40 - I report what I see in writing and get your feedback
       - I then follow up with any work that Holy Spirit, that needs to be done on your behalf.                                                       
   I work with Holy Spirit to find out the information that you seek. The Akashic Records (AR) are the Book of Life and is your highest truth from God - our Source and Creator. Each person (soul) has their own book, which can be retrieved from the Great Hall Library in Spirit, to be read on your behalf. I may hear words, get images, or see moving scenes. Holy Spirit is going to show me whatever you need to know and that may come in the form of a relevant lifetime- one that resonate vibrationally with you at this time, an Ancestral Lifetime affecting you now, a Soul Imprint - a life your soul added to your book, for life experience before you came to earth, or your own lifetime.  Anything that Holy Spirit decides to show me, is part of your own book of life and is what you need to know at this time.

Here we can:

 -get to the root cause of your issue
-find the root cause of an issue for your pet/animal
-clear blockages
-explore trauma and resolve issues energetically

-explore past, future, ancient earth, off planet lifetimes that you match with vibrationally or that Holy Spirit allows you to know about because they are relevant to you now.
-review soul contracts and amend or cancel them - if allowed by Holy Spirit
-find answers to your questions/purpose in life/life plan/why you chose this life, parents, etc

-learn if a situation is due to a Soul Contract, Karmic Debt, or Free Will
-other topics not mentioned here

Please make contact with me indicating that you would like an Akashic Records Reading. If we agree to work together, please fill out the form for Akashic Record Readings, which will help you formulate your questions and also provides the release form needed to participate.



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