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A Slow Progression and over Half a  Lifetime of Metaphysical Study

I don't have a profound or sudden awakening story.  I've been on this path for a long time and have always wanted it to go faster and to be able to do and know more.  I feel this work as a calling inside my soul. I have tons of traditional worldly training:  BA in Art Education, RN Diploma, Path, Intl Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor Certification, all great and influential things in the lives of others but....there's always been something missing from my life.  I loved fostering the creativity of children, teaching art (from ages 22-25 in 2002-2005) and then teaching home school art for a time. I loved caring for people at my nursing home job but anyone in that field knows that medical staff is often overworked and rushed with dealing with the care of their patients.  There's not really time to sit and listen to patients as much as I'd want.  I love teaching riding, my longest standing job that I'm still active in today, I have a lot of kids with ADA recognized issues and they make much progress on top of a horse.  Metaphysical studies have just always been a part of my life and I want nothing more than for it to be my job!  

I have been into metaphysical studies since my late teens. I did start questioning things around age 17, while still having a solid Christian foundation.  My mother started changing careers during my high school years and became a message therapist, reiki master, and hypnotherapist during my late teens, early 20s.  I started expanding all of my knowledge ever so slowly thanks to my home life.  My mother did a past life regression on me and then I also watched another session where a friend of ours put another friend under and he went through a series of past lives.  I was hooked!  I started putting my friends under in my mid 20s just for fun.  I’ve read books on it by several authors, watched YouTube videos to study what questions the practitioners asked, and found all of it just fascinating.  Without formal training, I was very successful at putting people under and exploring other lives with people - really whatever spirit deemed appropriate for them to know based on whatever question or wondering they had in their minds.  BQH has opened up a whole new world of exploration and I'm super excited to share it.

I received my first reiki attunement in college.  During this time, my mom was doing massage in our house and one time she had me come over to run my hands through a freshly renewed energy field on one of her client's. I felt the eclectic shock of the energy body and was amazed by it. This experience began my interest in reiki healing and studying of the energy field.  I am a reiki master since 2003 and I have also studied and practiced Pranic Healing - there are several books and levels and it is a very practical healing modality that can be applied in conjunction to reiki for a wide variety of issues.  I have very good results with my own combined method of Energy Healing work both remote and in person…this is only because of my belief in my ability to be a channel for the universal energy and healing to work through me and to be assisted by my healing team (Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael, and my Guardian Angel). 

I did attend nursing school in 2012-2014.  I am an RN but even back in nursing school, I was wanting to do the hypnosis regression healing, and had planned (if I had failed a semester) to break from school for a semester and take a CEU approved course in Virginia Beach on Hypnosis that was geared for Nurses.  I didn't fail, I passed and graduated, so my goals were pushed back as I stepped into nursing. I worked in a nursing home for 3 years, it was a great opportunity because it was PRN, I only went in when I wanted to. In the future, I’d like to go into holistic nursing and go main stream with my work, as things like energy work and spiritual hypnosis would be accepted.