What is BQH?


                         Are you ready for an adventure that's out of this world?   

Beyond Quantum Healing is a heart and mind coherence modality that works on the energetic and soul level.
The induction procedure is pure magic that transports you to places your soul knows and longs to go. I'd love to help you discover things about your true self that you've been longing to know or to help you on your healing journey.

We Can go Deeper Together
  Think of BQH as a guided meditative journey (one done in a light state of trance) that lets you experience a kind of mental "time travel." Your conscious mind steps out of the way allowing you to discover answers to things in your life that you didn't have access to before.
 In this way, the BQH modality can work along with traditional paths of healing! 
BQH can be an important piece of your healing journey.

 It can open and  realign blocked channels, uncover the root cause of issues, and even provide physical healing if that is something that is permitted on the soul/spiritual level.

My hope for your session is that we can get to the root of what is troubling you on a soul level.  Whether you chose quantum healing or energy healing, I'd love to assist you on a soul level.

BQH Resources

What Can BQH do for me?
All healing is self-healing
Your body, your emotions, and your mind do the actual healing on the physical plane.
You are self-healing when you see a Doctor, therapist, specialist, etc. to be diagnosed or treated.
You are self-healing when you go to counseling to talk out problems or when you take medicine for an illness.
The medical professional is the facilitator for the healing that YOU do.
Even with the BQH modality, you may discover things that you have to do in order to receive and maintain any healing done on a soul level.
Just like with Doctors in the physical world. You do need to take the responsibility and do the things that are suggested to you, by divine beings in the higher realms and by your higher self.  Otherwise, you may back slide from the healing.  Just like in the 3D world when you don't follow medical advice or stick to a diet. 
Miraculous things can and do happen here, but it is ultimately up to you to make the changes in your life to evolve and to be healthy and whole.

Releasing Blocks
There are many kinds of blocks that can be released with Quantum Healing.
Energetic blocks can be rerouted and cleared creating better flow for you and your life.
Emotional and Mental blocks can be cleared and rewired, giving you a different perspective and outlook on life.
Physical blocks can be released by way of taking care of any energetic and emotional blocks therefore creating healing on the physical plane.

New Pathways
Miracles can happen with BQH, where new pathways appear where there were once no answers or clear ways forward. Drs may find answers for you, job opportunities may present themselves, relationships can mend or end...for your forward growth.

Scenes Like a Dream
When we conduct this session, you are going to have scenes come up in your mind, like when you have a dream.
Just remember that anything you see is valid and there is nothing that you can tell me that is not ok.

Relevant Lives
 Spirit may show you a life that is relevant to the answers you are seeking, this will not be your current life, but it will look like the life of another person, although sometimes you may just see scenes from your own life, in this way it is like a dream. In allowing yourself to be ok with seeing this, you can get to the root of your issue.
You could also think of it as your subconscious making up a story that will help you get to the root of the issue. 
Some people do believe that these are past lives, and that's ok.  It's ok either way, in fact. The important life that you are living is this life, right here, right now. 

 Anyway you decide to view it, the important thing is the result...healing and growth.