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  Energy Clearing with Reiki and Pranic Healing©

Energy Work     

Energy Clearing is a way to remove stuck energy from your spiritual energy body. Once energetic pathways are cleared and life force energy is applied on an energetic level, you may notice that your life starts to reflect these improvements. You may feel better physically.  Your Dr. may find new treatments or answers where things might have been at a standstill before. You may feel more at peace in your mind - with thoughts, feelings, and emotions, eased.  You may feel more balanced and full of life force. Removing stuck energy from congested areas and applying life force energy into your body and energy bodies allows YOU to heal yourself through God.
*This therapeutic modality should be used only to complement your allopathic medical treatments,
while under the care of licensed medical providers. 


with your Angels and Subconscious

    Spirit Heal Session       Session Prep       BQH Resources       

In these sessions, we are getting to the root cause of an issue or an illness on an energetic/soul level.
We are searching for the answer to a problem or question hidden from your conscious mind, or searching for a better understanding of your life purpose.   

You may see scenes from this life or other lives that spirit deems relevant to your soul and for clearing/healing. What you will see is similar to having a dream.  You may find yourself being someone else, living a completely different life, as your mind tells a story that will get to the root of your issue. Often, when work is done on the energetic/soul level, pathways can then open up for you in your everyday life and you will see the improvements you are seeking, especially when this modality is used to complement allopathic medical treatments, while under the care of licensed medical providers. 
You will have a chance to ask the subconscious prepared questions during the Q&A portion and receive spiritual/energetic healing and peace of mind. This session is done in a light state of trance, hence the ability to access the root cause of your issue and the ability to speak to/from your subconscious (including the 88% +/- unused portion of our brain).

With your Angels, Soul/Higher Self, Subconscious, Guides, and Ascended Masters    

  Life Expl Session       Session Prep        BQH Resources      

In these sessions, we are focused on exploring other relevant lifetimes, star origins, spiritual talents and gifts, root cause of issues, life purpose queries, and relationships with others. Where you can go with this is endless.

What you may see is as varied as to the places you can think of to go or to the knowledge that you are seeking. We can explore a wide variety of lifetimes from the book of life - lives from the hall of records that you either match with energetically and vibrationally, lifetimes deemed relevant for you to see by Holy Spirit, or lifetimes from your ancestral line.
You can delve into unexplained occurrences, find answers that are blocked from your conscious mind, and so much more.

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